Pretending to have a clue

Pretending to have a clue

An apparent Aryan Guard supporter tried to dress up (literally and verabally) the group’s cause, by insisting it was all about supporting one’s "tribe". If you look at the prior photo in my stream, you’ll see quite the contrast with a fellow AG supporter. No tatoos. No threats. No assault. Just a new pretty spin, on something old and ugly.

In the last couple years, the neo-Nazi Aryan Guard has gathered on March 21, to promote "white pride", busing in people from across the country. And, a large group of anti-racists come to counter-protest. Over the last year, the Aryan Guard has been substantially disrupted by arrests of its founder, other members and/or supporters.

So, this time, in the limited time I was present, there was roughly four who showed up, and not all together.

I was a little nervous showing up. I’ve been threatened before by an Aryan Guard member, and also by somebody who says he’s anti-racist. Violent criminals obviously do not like their picture being taken.

(note: I did make some tweaks in Photoshop, particularly with color to focus on the subject)

Photogarpher: Robert Thivierge

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