Hello, I am Robert Thivierge.  Welcome to my web site.

RobertThivierge.com was set up for potential clients to get to know me and what I have to offer.  I also made it as a way to become more familiar with WordPress, the Content Management System used on this site.

Personal:  I came to Thunder Bay in 2014 to be with family here, after living in Calgary for my whole life.  I miss Calgary, but Thunder Bay has grown on me.

Career:  My long term career goals are to work full time in web software development, developing both my own software and working on client software.  My medium term career goal (next few years) is a fulfilling office administrative position (or positions) that takes advantage of my extensive office skills.  In addition to standard office software, like Microsoft Word and Excel, for document creation; I’m also familiar with database software, such as Microsoft Access, LibreOffice, and MySQL.  So, in addition to manually producing typical documents needed, I’m in a position to automate tasks, so there’s less repetition in input and greater consistency in output.