Robert Thivierge

Robert Thivierge

Hello, I am Robert Thivierge.  Welcome to my web site.

I created this site to showcase my photography, writing, and services that I provide.

You can read my posts about photoshoots I’ve done. You can also read short biographies of various public people of interest who I have taken pictures of.

I am available for hire as a photographer. I can do on-location shoots for individuals and businesses. I can also do product shots at my location, or on-location, for businesses. You can contact me for rates based on your project.

I am also able to shoot models on a trade basis.  If you are a model in Thunder Bay, I can provide you with some images for your use (e.g. portfolio, social media, etc…), in exchange for the right to use the images myself, with neither of us paying money. 

During Covid-19, outside of full lockdown periods, I am available to do shoots with people outside with appropriate social distancing and safety precautions.

I am available for hire as a consultant to provide software and web development, research assistance, and office administrative assistance to clients online.  For further details about services I can provide, please visit my consulting service page

I can be contacted at