Secure Site with SSL Certificate

This site now has an SSL certificate.  That means any communication you, as a user, have with the site is transmitted securely between you and the host.  You’ll notice the address on the web browser starts with “https”, and typically shows a “locked” green lock icon, to indicate the site is secure.

Mixing OpenOffice/LibreOffice, MySQL, MacOS/Windows, and ODBC/JDBC

This post is about some difficulty I had in making an Apache OpenOffice Base “odb” front end work with an MySQL database backend on Mac OS X, and how I got things working. I originally had an Apache OpenOffice (AOO) Base “odb” file working on Windows, accessing MySQL with ODBC.  The “odb” file had a … Continue reading Mixing OpenOffice/LibreOffice, MySQL, MacOS/Windows, and ODBC/JDBC

Importing bank transactions

Like many, I’ve often downloaded financial transactions from my bank’s web site.  The options for my bank (in Canada), is fairly typical, and limited to “Microsoft Money”, “Intuit Quicken”, “Intuit QuickBooks”, “Simply Accounting”, “Spreadsheet (CSV)”. Now, I don’t use any of the above accounting programs.  I want the data to play around with, and use … Continue reading Importing bank transactions

PHP/MySQL Multibyte Characters

While using PHP to display web pages drawing on a MySQL database, I’ve had some difficulty with strings in non-English characters.  In my case, it happened to be Inuktitut syllabics.  Most text seemed to display properly, but some didn’t.  Ultimately, I found the simple solution, was I needed to enable the “mbstring” extension in PHP, and … Continue reading PHP/MySQL Multibyte Characters

Importing Excel spreadsheet into MySQL

I’ve recently had to import a large Excel spreadsheet into MySQL.  Of course, there’s lots of ways of doing this, and most of the time, it’s a rather trivial thing to do.  That is, it’s easy if you have English characters and single-line text fields. Approach 1:  CSV.  This is often the “go to” approach … Continue reading Importing Excel spreadsheet into MySQL