No, you won’t bust my camera

No, you won't bust my camera

This is a neo-Nazi who had just told photographers that he would bust the camera of anybody who took his picture. Naturally, photographers took his picture anyhow, and he tried knocking a camera out of one’s hands (not me). According to news reports, he is accused of hitting a photographer with a skateboard. I don’t remember seeing that (just him going for the guy), but was intentionally staying back, and missed some significant details (looking through a long lens limits what you see). The police promptly detained him. He kept on acting tough and threatening, seemingly trying to go for photogs, even when being taken away. On this matter, the cops did a great job. They only interfered with criminals.

This was outside City Hall, so they took him into the building, which was closed to the public for Sunday (I assume).

In the last couple years, the neo-Nazi Aryan Guard has gathered on March 21, to promote "white pride", busing in people from across the country. And, a large group of anti-racists come to counter-protest. Over the last year, the Aryan Guard has been substantially disrupted by arrests of its founder, other members and/or supporters.

So, this time, in the limited time I was present, only four apparent Aryan Guard supporters appeared, with two loners, and one couple. There was no bus, and no apparent organization this time.

I was a little nervous showing up. I’ve been threatened before by an Aryan Guard member, and also by somebody who says he’s anti-racist. Violent criminals obviously do not like their picture being taken.

(note: I did make some tweaks in Photoshop)

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