Playing dead seal for PETA in Calgary

Playing dead seal for PETA in Calgary

This girl is one of the PETA protesters who "dressed" as seals and "played dead" along Stephen Avenue Mall in downtown Calgary. They’re trying to make a link between the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver with Canada’s seal hunt. Of course VANOC has nothing to do with the seal hunt.

You can see a picture of the same girl in another PETA protest in Regina here.

I was slightly surprised that this event by PETA didn’t garner any commercial media attention that I can find.

I put "dressed" in quotes, as I think this is what it means to dress up as a seal. The girl in the above photo didn’t really dress as anything, but at least she did dress, which is more than a lot of people in other PETA protests. The only detail of her "outfit", that it’s white, makes people think of "white coats", which are baby seals. But, they haven’t been legally hunted since 1987.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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