Mocking the saviour

Mocking the saviour

I happened to be looking through some pics from a Christian-themed silent street play on Canada Day and thought this one was worth adding to the existing set. Picture quality sucks because of the distraction of passerbys, and focus isn’t great, but it fills a gap in the story line of the play. My Canada Day set is ordered by time taken, if you’re interested in seeing them in chronological order. Sometimes I like to look back at older pics and figure out what was happening.

I visited Prince’s Island to see the Canada Day 2008 celebration. Just off a bridge from the island, I saw this group performing a play. I believe this is a Christian evangelical group. I don’t really know what’s happening, but my guess is this is where Jesus (man at top being pointed to) has taken the sins of mankind (lower right) and is being persecuted/punished by some kinda evil doers played by the girls in black. But I don’t really know.

My favorite part of the pic is the expression of the girl on the left. It sucked that I got background people right around her. I tried to edit the pic to make them less distracting, but it didn’t work. So, I left it.

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