Deane House 2

Deane House 2

This picture I took of The Deane House Retaurant & Historic Site in Inglewood appears on page 12 of the book Haunted Houses (ISBN 978-1-59716-573-0) by Dinah Williams. According to the 2008 children’s book, when it was used as a boarding house, a number of people died, and stayed on to haunt the place. I had not heard of the ghost stories when I took the picture.

(Text below from the article "Fort Calgary" on Wikipedia, per the GFDL)

The Deane House was built near Fort Calgary in 1906 for the Superintendent of Fort Calgary, Captain Richard Deane. It was originally constructed near 9th Ave and 6th St SE, facing east towards the barracks. Deane felt the previous superintendent’s house was not good enough for his wife Martha. Although the budget for the project was $5,000, the total cost was $6,200.

In 1914, The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway bought the land for use as a rail terminal and demolished all the fort buildings except the Deane House. The house was moved to the southeast corner from its original location. The house was then purchased by C. L. Jacques in 1929 and moved across the Elbow River, where it stands today.

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