Stephen Harper Side

Stephen Harper Side

While walking down Stephen Avenue on June 25, 2007, I happened to see a bunch of media photographers hanging outside the Telus Convention Centre. So, I figured a VIP had to be coming or going fairly soon. I hung around in the area for a while, and then came Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He stopped and chatted a wee bit with the media, and then went inside. I was quite happy after getting a couple shots of him.

Aside from the subject of the photo, I was happy with the result in this. My other one (frontal view), was lower quality. This one, I thought was reasonabley decent (relative to many of my other photos of people outside). I’ve finally, belatedly figured out (what most know), that you need a flash outside, most of the time (for close shots of people at least), even if there seems to be adequate sunlight.

I beleive this press release describes the event Harper was attending. It says he attended the 2007 Canadian Hockey Foundation Celebrity Classic Gala Dinner. It seems to be the same as this press release by Hockey Canada. Although, the two seem to use different names for the same organization and/or event in certain places. Anyways, tomorrow’s papers should have some coverage of the event.

note: Thanks to stecyk for adding some contrast to the image, to improve its quality.

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