Mr. and Ms. Anatomy Contest

Mr. and Ms. Anatomy Contest

I realize I screwed up, by not getting a shot from the centre. Oh well.

I happened by a fitness competition on Stephen Avenue Mall, near the end, so I missed most of it. This was one of the competitors just as things wrapped up. It was called the "Mr and Ms Anatomy Contest" and put on by the Body Worlds, currently at the Telus World of Science.

You can see a picture of them with body paint (not my photo) here

Unfortunately, after I reviewed the images, I realized that the "Optical Stabilizer" on my lens was turned off, making most of the images a bit blurry. This was one of a few with reasonable detail. The background blur was added to in editing.

Warning: moralizing rant ahead

I actually found it disappointing when I saw the connection to the Body Worlds exhibit. For those that don’t know, Body Worlds takes dead bodies, and turns them into exhibits of the innards of the body. I find the whole thing to be in utter bad taste. It’s not done for science or education. It’s commercial entertainment. It makes a mockery of laws against trafficking in human remains. And there are serious concerns about the sourcing of bodies from poor countries with an inadequate legal system, making it hard to trust that proper checks and controls exist.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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