Calgary’s version of a party

Calgary's version of a party

Seen at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary.

Warning: saracastic rant ahead

When you’re finished attending daytime events, please don’t enjoy yourself here, in a well lit area, close to the police station, where no alcohol is allowed.

Instead, we prefer you go to a bar, get drunk, and fill the streets at various places when the bars close late at night.

Calgary wants tourism, but only during daylight hours. New York City never sleeps. Calgary goes to bed early.

I’m wandering about why they close it at 4:30pm on Sunday, when the game starts. I’m assuming most football fans (I’m not into sports myself) would be inside watching the game on a big screen, not freezing outside.

The city normally closes parks 11pm-5am. So, I find the 5am-6am extension odd. I wonder what extra danger they foresaw. Do they think a bunch of people will wait till 5am, invade the Plaza, and have a riot for exactly one hour?

Of course, as always, this stupid rule, will only hurt law abiding people.

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