A bridge to late

A bridge to late

I was out late taking photos in Capital Hill, mainly with my flash. I thought I’d go to Confederation Park, since there’d be less likelyhood of bugging somebody with my flash at night. Unfortunately, almost all Calgary parks are closed 11pm-5am, although often it’s not marked clearly.

After I took this, I saw a cop car drive by the edge of the park and ask me (surprise, surprise) if I was taking photographs, and then left when I confirmed this. He didn’t even ask me to leave.

So, I’m happy with the cop, but I’m reminded of how stupid our bylaws are, and accepting we are of unjustified limits to our personal freedom. I also wander if there’s some idiot who feels the need to call the police just because they see somebody in a park at night.

I probably could have stayed, but left.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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