Wedding Couple reacts to Zombies

Wedding Couple reacts to Zombies

There was (what I assume was) a wedding party outside the The Bay as the Zombies walked down Stephen Avenue Walk. Fortunately, her dress didn’t get any blood, as far as I could tell.

Calgary had it’s annual Zombie Walk on Saturday, October 17, 2009. The undead arose at Olympic Plaza, staggered down Stephen Avenue Walk, then limped to Tomkins Park for a rest, and finally undied at Shaw Millennium Park. This year the event was used to collect food and funds for the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank. For the first time, I used a Canon EF 50mm f/1.88 II lens, which for it’s price, is quite good for what I wanted, which was to create a small depth of field effect, and to have a fast shutter speed.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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