Calgary Pillow Fight Reinforcements

Calgary Pillow Fight Reinforcements

These are some of the people that the City authorities are trying to protect us from. Who knows what would have happened if the the police and bylaw officers didn’t show up in strength.

A public pillow fight was planned for Tomkins Park (17 Avenue and 8 Street SW) in Calgary on Saturday, April 4, 2009 (International Pillow Fight Day). The City found out and warned organizers that they had to get a permit or they would be fined and/or arrested. So, officially it was cancelled, but some people showed up anyhow, and generally kept the "fight" to the side walk. There was a signficant police and bylaw officer presence, but they seemed to sit back, and let a small number of people do a little pillow fighting, without incident.

A good opinion piece on how this event was being handled by the City (written the day before) is "Pillow fight" by Michael Platt of the Calgary Sun.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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