Natasha Fisher

Natasha Fisher 2016-07-01

Natasha Fisher is an indigenous Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer from Thunder Bay, who resides in Toronto.

Early life

Natasha Fisher was born to parents Anita and Roma Fisher, who are senior pastors at Faith City Church in Thunder Bay, where Fisher first sang as a child. She began taking vocal lessons at age 14. The Fishers are members of the Long Lake 58 First Nation, an Ojibwe First Nation located in Northern Ontario. Natasha Fisher sometimes sings with her sister, Hannah Fisher, performing together as the Fisher Sisters. Classic Roots, Fisher’s cousin, is an electronica and pow wow techno musician.


Hannah and Natasha Fisher 2016-07-01
Hannah (left) and Natasha Fisher in Thunder Bay in 2016.

After living in Thunder Bay until she was 18, Fisher moved to Toronto to advance her music career. She describes her sound as Aboriginal-influenced electronic pop R&B. She has covered different genres including hip hop and R&B. She says her Ojibwe heritage is an influence for her music.

In 2017, she released her original song Lie To Me off of her debut album Her. The video for Lie To Me was recorded by Spun Creative and includes shots from Mount McKay and the surrounding area. The album depicts a young woman moving from a familiar home town, moving to a large city, leaving all the things she knows behind. A relationship breakup forms the basis of different songs on the album.

Fisher has periodically toured with Classic Roots, performing at schools, and some northern Ontario First Nation communities.

In October of 2019 Natasha released her first single off of her debut LP “Millennial” and on December 13th, 2019 Natasha released “Millennial” presented by the Ontario Arts Council.

Photo notes

The still photos above (excluding the video) were taken by me at the Canada Day celebrations on July 1, 2016 at Marina Park in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Natasha performed with her sister, Hannah Fisher.