Book a shoot today, because taking a good picture of yourself is hard

Daniella shoots Daniella / Photography and editing by Robert Thivierge / 2010-08-04

Unless you have the skills of Daniella above, you’ll find it is hard to take a great photo of yourself. That’s where I come in. If you live in Thunder Bay and want to do a modeling shoot, you are invited to contact me, Robert Thivierge, at

The photo shoot would be outdoors, probably in a local park, where we can maintain a COVID-safe distance. I generally prefer the weekend for shoots.

The shoot would be on a “Trade for Pictures” basis. That means neither of us pays the other money. As the photographer, I would own the copyright to the images, and would grant you a license to use selected finished images (my selection) in your portfolio (Instagram, Model Mayhem, print images, or wherever you wish). You as the model would grant me a model release, entitling me to use your image in return. Typically, I’ll take a lot of images in a shoot, but I’ll select just a handful of the best, which I’ll touch up as needed with Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop, and then share the best with the model. You should expect to get roughly one finished image for every 10-15 minutes of a shoot. But, the amount varies.

Based on experience, I think the best approach is to plan on doing two shoots, maybe a week apart. The first is short is about an hour. This lets me review the initial images properly, share a few with the model, and for us to plan a longer shoot, of about 3-4 hours, with the knowledge of what will and won’t work for the specific model. Every model is unique. What works for one, won’t work for another.

You read how to prepare for the first shoot.

Don’t look for lots of images. You can get those with your cell phone. Look for a selected number of great images.

Please check out some of the images I have taken, and judge what I can do:

You are welcome to contact me to arrange a shoot the following ways: