This page describes some of the services I can provide.  My work can be done in person in Thunder Bay, or online.

Office Administration:  I’m available for a broad range of office work.  I familiar with all the software staples, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.  I’m also familiar with database software such as Microsoft Access, Office Libre, and on the backend, MySQL.  I’m adept at not just implementing existing office procedures, but developing new ones, and using automation to save time and avoid errors in future.

Research Assistant:  I’m available to assist with research for academics or others, using my clerical and computer skills to organize and present the data.  An example of my work is keyboarding results from surveys into a database (which I setup) and producing reports from that database; optionally making the results available through a private web site.  I’m also able to host online surveys one of my web sites,, so there’s no need to pay for data entry (survey respondents fill in information on the web and I take care of the rest).

Web Development/Maintenance:  I’m familiar with several programming languages and development environments.  For developing new web apps I use PHP/JavaScript/Apache web applications.  For writing content, I like to use WordPress, which this site uses.  I can do anything from regular maintenance of an existing site, to creating a brand new site, to something in the middle.  I currently am offering a $100/year special offer for providing a simple web site.

I’m offering a free web site creation service to selected non-profits.

Please feel welcome to contact me at (807)632-3756 or to discuss any services I can provide to your organization.