Preparation for First Shoot

These are some default suggestion for a model doing an initial shoot, typically in a park:

Diane Marshall 2010-08-23
Photo of Diane Marshall (2010) by Robert Thivierge
  • Arrive wearing a couple layers of clothing, so you can change easily. The inner layer should be something form fitting, so there aren’t lumps visible through the outer layer. The outer layer should be something loose, adjustable, and easy to remove. This allows for lots of different looks, without a full wardrobe change. For example:
    • A button up shirt over a form fitting undershirt.
    • A loose fitting skirt over form fitting short shorts or miniskirt.
  • Avoid clothes with logos or copyrighted images/text. This limits how an image can be re-used legally (due to intellectual property) and distracts.
  • If you have long hair, let it down. Do so as much ahead of the shoot as possible. There’s more flexibility in looks with hair that’s free flowing.
  • Avoid wearing things in advance of the shoot that are so tight they might leave marks on your skin (e.g. some jewelry, watch bands, tight fitting jeans, etc…).
  • Avoid extreme contrasts in darkness/lightness. It can be hard to simultaneously capture both black (or very dark color) and white (or very light color). The result can be something that’s dark appears perfectly black with no detail, or something light appears as perfectly white, with no detail.
  • Consider bringing small accessories that can give a variety of looks: hat, fake jewelry, sunglasses, different shoes, different socks, etc…
  • Bring comfortable shoes, because we will be moving to find the best spots.

If you have questions about doing a shoot, or want to set one up, email me at