Free Website for Selected Nonprofits

If you have a nonprofit organization in need of a web site, but lack the skills and can’t afford the costs, this may interest you.  Subject to my conditions and approval, I would be available to create and then host a website for at least one year for free.  I will be doing this for a small number of organizations (normally one at a time).

Please note, this is an offer for an actual person to create an original ad-free site.  There are lots of “free” do-it-yourself site builders that give “free” hosting, but have ads, and try to up-sell you.  This offer is not like those.

  • This is only for a non-profit organizations, which I am free to approve or not.
  • My preference will be for organizations based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but I am open to any English language organization in the world.
  • This offer is for a new web site, for an organization that does not yet have a web site.  This would include registering a new domain name.
  • It can be a simple to intermediate size project.  I have to prioritize projects from paid clients, so a larger project my take a long time, since it would be lower priority.  A small site could be launched in a few days.
  • I would most likely use WordPress for the site, but would use whatever tools are appropriate to the task.
  • The site must be in English.
  • I need a reliable source to provide content for the site.  I can write text for the site as needed, but I need someone to give me the needed information.
  • I am interesting in organizations that are interesting.  I’m not interested in organizations that are focused mainly on raising funds.
  • If I create a site for your organization, I would host it for at least one year for free.  You would then be able to host with anyone you wish.
  • You have the option of either having me register the domain that is wanted (at my expense), which I can transfer to your organization when requested, or you can register your own domain (at your expense) and have it pointed to the site.
  • You can view the Bear Clan Patrol in Thunder Bay to see an example of a simple site I built.

My motives for doing this are: to accomplish something of value, expand my work experience, and demonstrate my work skills to potential paying clients.

If this would interest your organization, please contact me, at