Shannon Smadella

Shannon Smadella 2009-11-28

Shannon Smadella is Canadian model, actress, writer, entrepreneur, and public speaker who was Miss Canada Galaxy 2009.

Shannon comes from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. She graduated from Hapnot Collegiate in Flin Flon, Manitoba. She then studied science and business at the University of Saskatchewan. She has also trained with the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

Shannon was Named Miss Canada Galaxy 2009 on August 23, 2008. Shannon first won the titles of Miss Saskatchewan Galaxy and Miss Earth Saskatoon. She went from being on stage, to working behind the scenes in pageantry. She was the coordinator of the Miss Saskatchewan pageant in 2010.

Shannon was a writer for Cottage North Magazine, which was published bi-monthly in Flinn-Flon, Manitoba. She worked for Chandran Media on TV productions, including including Inside Fashion and Nitelife T.V.

She ultimately became an entrepreneur, with a focus on wellness. She acts as a educator and influencer. She has studied and taught the practice of yogic. She acts as a coach and teacher for professionals in sales, marketing, and business management.

Photo notes

The photo above was taken by at the Grey Cup Parade in Calgary, Alberta on November 28, 2009; which she appeared in as Miss Canada Galaxy.