Emily Triggs

Emily Triggs Olympic Plaza September 3, 2008

Emily Triggs is a Canadian folk/roots singer-songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta.  She has performed as both a solo artist and been part of a number of groups, including The House Doctors and Magnolia Buckskin in the past.

Early life

Triggs was raised in HemmingfordQuebec. She was the youngest of five siblings. Her mother Louise Demers Triggs was a dancer with the folk troup Les Feux-Follets. Her father, Stanley Triggs, wrote folk songs on the Smithsonian Folkways music label.

She attended Dawson College in Montreal, before going to college in Elkins, West Virginia, where she explored Appalachian folk music. She later moved to Calgary in 2000.

Music career

Emily Triggs on guitar

Triggs specializes in roots or folk music. She was a member of the band Magnolia Buckskin, along with Natasha Platt, Kathy Cook, and Corry Ulan. She was also a member of The House Doctors, The Fallen Angel Band, and June Gloom.

In 2014, Triggs released her debut solo album, titled When Guinevere Went Under. Helping on the album was Lorrie Matheson, Chris Byrn, and Mike Little. Matheson helped with instruments, producing, and recording. Byrne and Little played most lead parts. She had backing vocals from Cathy Billington and Laura Reid.

Triggs released her second album, Middletown, in 2019. Triggs received assistance on the album from musician/producer Lorrie Matheson, bassist Chris Byrne, drummer Chris Dadge, and guitarist Paul Rigby.

House Doctors with Emily Triggs
Emily Triggs with the The House Doctors in Calgary (2008)

In 2021 Triggs won the RISE UP Calgary Song Contest for her song Light You Up. RISE UP is a partnership of Tourism Calgary, The National Music Centre, and other organizations to kickstart the arts scene in Calgary that was harmed by the COVID-19 shutdown. Triggs was one of around a hundred contestants. The winner’s song is used as a theme song for RISE UP.

Photo notes

All the photos (excluding the video) were taken by me at different outdoor free concerts that Triggs performed in. She is seen playing with the House Doctors at Olympic Plaza on September 3, 2008; with Magnolia Buckskin at Olympic Plaza on June 24, 2009; and with the House Doctors at the Eau Claire YMCA on August 25, 2008.

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