Alex Hughes

Alex Hughes is a Canadian pop country music singer from Calgary, Alberta. She is well known in Calgary as a regular performer at the Calgary Stampede, performing in the annual Stampede parade, and a variety of other events and venues.

Hughes was born and raised in Calgary. She started performing when she was seven years old. After finishing high school she gained a sponsorship deal with the Alberta Dodge Dealers, which allowed her to tour and record music.

Live performance

Stephen Avenue (2012)

She is most active and well known in her hometown of Calgary, where she is a regular feature performer of the Calgary Stampede, often appearing in the annual Stampede Parade, and other official Stampede events. From the age of 9, when she entered the Stampede Talent Search, she has performed at the Calgary Stampede every year until 2019, when she performed at the Coca-Cola stage at the Stampede grounds. In 2020, the Stampede was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Grey Cup (2009)

She’s opened for various well known artists, such as Kenny G, Brett Kissel, George Canyon, and Aaron Pritchett. She was part of the musical duo, Belle Cabin, with Darcy Stamp.


Her debut solo release is “Strong As You” in 2019. The video for the song uses Downtown Calgary as its main backdrop, with a high quality video production to match the audio. Her follow-up song in 2020 was “Gentlemen”, about guys that aren’t as great as they think they are. Also, in 2020, she did a duet, Drive, with Shannon McArthur. Her recordings are available on Spotify and other music streaming services.

Photo notes

The still photos on this page (excluding the embedded musical tracks) were taken by me at some of her numerous live performances in Calgary. In 2009 I took her picture at the Wheels in Motion charity event at Eau Claire Market. I captured her singing at the 2009 Grey Cup parade, which Calgary hosted; and again on top of a float on Stephen Avenue Mall in 2012, representing the Stampede.

More photos of Alex Hughes

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