Alberta Estoppel Creation Form

I recently created a new tool that lets people create an Alberta condo estoppel online.  Anyone can simply visit, fill in the relevant information, and print out the result.

For those that don’t know, when selling a condo in Alberta, a (well advised) buyer will ask the seller for an “estoppel”.  An estoppel is produced by the condo corporation.  It gives basic information, such what arrears are owing on the unit.  Condo Corporations are legally required to produce  an estoppel within 10 days.

If the Condo Corporation is professionally managed, then the property manager will normally produce the estoppel.  However, for self-managed condos, it falls upon the board to produce the estoppel.  An error on an estoppel, can be hugely expensive, even if it is from an honest mistake.  For example, if a Condo Corporation says that there are no arrears, then the new owner is absolved from paying those arrears, even if the estoppel was in error.

The form I created lets the user see what kinds of information can be released.  It differentiates between items that are always on estoppel, and those that only need to be released on request.  It is useful to not only board members, but also buyers who might want to know the type of information they can request.

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