TCL Roku 4K 50″ LED TV Review

This is a review of the TCL 50S425-CA 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Television (2019), 50″ we purchased from Amazon Canada.

For a smart 50″ 4k TV, the $380 price is pretty appealing. The screen quality and sound are good. It’s not a high end product, but that’s not expected at this price point.

Having Roku built-in is a great convenience. There is no need for yet another setup box or dongle, with extra cables. Roku is at least as good as any other streaming device. A great feature of this Roku TV is that it supports the Apple TV app. So, we can use all of our TV & movie purchases from Apple without actually using the Apple TV. The only reason we really need to keep the Apple TV is for the games on the Apple TV. Roku doesn’t support Apple games and it isn’t really designed to play games, even though some of the “channels” (aka apps) on Roku are games playable on the TV remote.

The TV gives a convenient option of using the Roku TV app on smart devices. So, if we can’t find a remote, we can use the TV. Plus, the app allows the use of a keyboard for some purposes, which is handy. Since the Roku is built-in, the app, by itself fully controls the TV, including power. The interface is quite responsive.

Roku continues to add more support for different streaming services. It seems to be at least as good as any other smart TV or streaming box.

Overall, this is a good purchase if you want an affordable 50″ smart TV.

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