An “Improper” Photograph

An "Improper" Photograph

This is one of the photos I took with my cell phone of a fashion show on Stephen Avenue on July 4, 2012. This is the host introducing the models. It was a pre-Stampede fashion show, that featured a contemporary/urban/cowboy/western theme.

It is obviously a very low technical quality photo, due to the camera on my phone. It has poor composition, since I was struggling to get a clear shot. The only reason I have uploaded it, is that I was detained after shooting this event by police. I go into detail here. This photo is just to give a little background, as to why I was taking photos at this place at this time.

Of course, I wished I had my DSLR at the event, but all I had was my new cell phone, which I wanted to try out. As poor as this image is, it’s the best I got that day. The rest are largely a blurry mess. The Galaxy Nexus is a great cell phone, but the camera is actually pretty poor given the overall quality of other parts of the phone, such as the screen. Basically, you need to be up close, and using a flash; or find a way to mount it to a tripod.

I also have another shot of the same host at another fashion show on Stephen Avenue.

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Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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