Russia Protest in Calgary

Russia Protest in Calgary

A group of Russian speaking protesters are seen here, calling for free and fair elections in Russia.

There was no mainstream TV coverage that I saw. But, there seemed to be at least two Russian language internet based "TV" channels covering the event.

*CT1 Calgary-Ru TV Channel – I chatted briefly with a person from the channel. He was quite friendly.

*Voice of Alberta – The site features, pictures, video, and a blog, targetting Russian speakers in Calgary. They got some better pictures up on their site on the same day.

For its size, Calgary has a history of lacking political activism, and a lot of the same people showing up. But, there was some more diversity today.

Those who identify as Occupy Calgary held a protest against a potential war by the US against Iran, outside the U.S. Consulate. Also present were counter-protesters, who want to US military action against Israel.

In sight, starting later, outside City Hall, there were two, mainly non-English protests. From what I saw, Russian Canadians were protesting against Putin, and then some Egyptian Canadians were protesting, I assumed against the military rulers. Since I only speak English, and had to leave early, I really didn’t get the full message of either one.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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