Lovely Leopard

Lovely Leopard

PETA held a publicity event on Steven Avenue, waving at cars going down 3rd Street SW, in downtown Calgary on December 14, 2011. The orignal plan was to have three nearly naked women appear with body painting as a leopard, cow, and snake. Due to the weather there were just two (the cow is off camera, and the snake did not come). The leopard, seen here, wasn’t outside when I came, but came out so I could get a picture.

For those who somehow don’t know (probably not anybody), PETA is an animal rights organization, who want to ban all animal products. They regularly have people dress up, or undress, to get attention to their cause. Most are along the lines of "I’d rather go naked then wear fur".

Police were present, but just gave them contact information in case they had trouble, like harassment, and moved on. The protesters didn’t stay to long either, which is understandable given the attire and the weather, which was a little below freezing.

If you’re wandering why was her sign is in French, they were being bilingual. They also had the same sign, but in English, held by the cow. But, I thought the leopard made a way better photo than the cow (because of the paint job not the person).

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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