Watching Over Us

Watching Over Us

As usual the police were taking photographs of everyone attending the protest. There’s a list of causes, that if you are associated with, they will maintain a database on you. They’ll release a bit to people who file a Freedom of Information and Privacy Request. But, most of what they collect, which is mainly innocent people, they won’t disclose. They’ll then share this with police agencies inside and outside Canada.

So, if you attend a protest like this, the next time you visit the US, the border guards will know what causes you were part of. So, the next time you’re dealyed at the airport, that might be the reason, although, you probably won’t ever know.

I’m actually fine with them taking pictures (after all, I’m doing that). I just have a problem their motivation and how they use them.

I visited Downtown Calgary on Saturday, October 15, 2011 to get some pictures of the "Occupy Calgary" gathering which is part of the movement that started with "Occupy Wall Street". I was happy to find that on the same day there was a Zombie Walk that was also downtown. So, I got some pics from both. From all I saw, both events were pretty peaceful. The Zombies won’t be back till next year. The Occupy Calgary are trying to maintain an ongoing action, with some protesters camped out on St. Patrick’s Island.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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