Melanie looks to the sky

Melanie looks to the sky

This is from my photo shoot with the very beautiful Melanie (MM#1653223) at Bowness Park in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, June 6, 2010.

Thanks to Melanie for doing an outdoor shoot starting at 6:30am when it was near zero and staying till midday, when it was hitting 20. She was so well prepared with a case of clothes on wheels, a passerby commented that the airport was a long way away 🙂

I used my Cactus v4 trigger+receiver with one Sigma DG 530 Super Flash, with an umbrella for this. They worked well, despite some accidental drops to the ground. The wind was mild, so the umbrella worked well, although, I didn’t risk it at the water edge.

I think the lighting was good except, I failed to use a grey card for setting white balance, and I also need a better monitor to adjust the color after.

I used Photoshop to get some dirt off a foot, but her great figure, that’s all natural. I can see why she’s staying busy at modeling.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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