Cactus v4 Wireless Flash Trigger

Cactus v4 Wireless Flash Trigger

So, I just got my new Cactus v4 Wireless Flash Trigger (which you can’t see here, since I used it to take the shot). I thought I would post this, just so somebody else with the same flash would know that this trigger would work.

My equipment:

1) Canon Rebel T1i (500D)

2) Sigma EF-530 DG Super Flash

3) Cactus v4 Wireless Flash Trigger

It worked with little effort. The Cactus transmitter easily slid onto the hotshoe on the camera. My flash easily slid on the hotshoe mount of the Cactus receiver. It even came with batteries.

The main thing I had to do, was set the flash to slave mode, so it displayed "C0 SL". I can’t use it with TTL (Through the Lens) metering, but I knew that before I ordered it.

It seemed to fire fairly reliably. But, I realize I may have been very lucky to be somewhere without much radio interference. We’ll see how it goes out in the wild. I’m pretty confident radio signals will be better than the whole optical thing. A small issue, is I would like a fastener wheel on the bottom of the Cactus receiver, to better secure it to a light stand.

I actually didn’t need a wireless trigger for this shot, since I just bounced the light off the ceiling.

I ordered from Gadget Infinity, who ship from Hong Kong, which took about 12 days, which was within their promised 15 days. I had considered buying a PocketWizard, but they’re several times more expensive. Plus, I am told by PocketWizard support, that TTL doesn’t work with my particular Sigma flash and any of their radio triggers. So, it doesn’t offer that much of an advantage over Cactus (which doesn’t do TTL for any flash).

Of course, my cat wanted to "help" out with the shot.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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