Splish Splash with a Flash

Splish Splash with a Flash

This was my second time shooting here, under the Macleod Trail bridge over Fish Creek. Last time, I tried using an on camera flash. poor results. I also tried off camera on a cord last time, but that didn’t work (not long enough).

So, this time, I tried off camera flash, using an umbrella. Unfortunately, the wind sent the umbrella, and my flash, into the creek. So, this was done with a bounce. Although, oddly, the meta data tells me no flash was used, despite me remembering it, and the settings such that this should be pitch black without.

An umbrella would be good, but I think you need to have some spare hands to make it stand still.

This is one of my photos from my shoot with Ashly at Fish Creek Park. The weather and the model were both great.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

Date Taken2010-05-15 10:29:46
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