Don’t worry about the oil spill

Don't worry about the oil spill

…because, If you’re BP, you’re top concern is people snapping pics of your building from the sidewalk.

I took this since I was in the area, and another photographer said a security guard told them they couldn’t take a photo of the building (I beleive it’s the same spot, but not certain, due to the angle of their photo). I also took some closer up, and from under the glass thingy, but didn’t get anything that great or original.

So, I opted for a pic that showed BP’s name, just to make the point the sidewalks belong to the public, and we don’t need permission from private businesses when engaged in lawful activity.

So far, nobody has ever seriously hassled me for taking photos of buildings from outside in public space, including this time.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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