The Beauty and The Bokeh

The Beauty and The Bokeh

This is Sandeep under the Macleod Trail bridge that crosses Fish Creek. The blurry background is the stones by the water (blur was intentional). This spot seemed to give the best light I thought.

This is from my photoshoot with models Jasleen, Mandeep, and Sandeep at Fish Creek Park on April 16, 2010. As it turned, I ended up not getting a lot of great backdrops in my pics. The sun was very bright, and gave harsh shadows, that I wasn’t handling well, with or without flash. So, I found I got the best results in shade, which this was (under a bridge).

The models were all great to work with. I greatly appreciate the thought, time, and effort they put in.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on this set of photos, positive or negative, here in comments, or in FlickR mail.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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