So very illogical. So very Calgary.

So very illogical.  So very Calgary.

No good pictures today, so all I have is a rant.

In the ideal city, roads are in a grid. There are Avenues that run East/West, and Streets that run North/South. If you have an address, you can easily find where you’re going, without a map (once upon a time maps were these big paper things, that you had to unfold, or flip through, and read little tiny writing).

In years past, this is one of a number of intersections, that greatly annoyed me, when trying to find what seemed like a simple numbered address. Memory of this one stuck with me. It should simply be impossible for two Avenues (or two Streets) to intersect, especially with non-consecutive numbers. I had been looking for the 4200 block of 8 Street (or something like that), and was walking down 39 Ave, expecting to find which street I was on. I saw this, and then had to figure which way to go. It was somewhat cloudy, so I couldn’t see the sun, and couldn’t figure out which way was which. I naturally went the wrong way, and had to double back. Quite annoying.

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