Sonal in concert

Sonal in concert

Sonal performed at Olympic Plaza as part of the Grey Cup Festival in Calgary on Saturday, November 28, 2009. For more about her see her MySpace and Facebook pages. I thought she was a great singer.

The weather was better for photos today, since it wasn’t snowing.

But, now a rant about the sound system (NOT the performer):

I think the speakers were set way, way, way to loud, to the point I physically had to leave the area to save my hearing.

I’ve found the sound system at Olympic Plaza during the Grey Cup festival to be appalling. It’s bad enough when they put the volume up to loud during a performance. Sometimes, they have it set to unrelated pre-recorded music while an artist is getting ready, and they’ll blast horridly loud music. I’ve heard performers practicising, having their voice mixed in with unrelated pre-recorded music.

Seriously, who comes to a live concert to hear pre-recorded music? If people want to listen to pre-recorded music during a break, they probably have a music player on them.

The speakers weren’t properly positioned. It seemed, they were on all on stage, all in one spot. Wrong. I understand moving speakers to a sheltered spot when unexpected bad weather comes. This is Calgary, they must have know how the weather can get.

Another issue with sound, is the complete lack of coordination between Stephen Avenue Walk and Olympic Plaza. Though adjacent, they’re run entirely separate it seems at times, and nobody considered how annoying it is to hear dueling amplified music and talking.

Again, none of this is the fault of this performers.

Rant over.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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