What a waste

What a waste

Update: An email back from the Calgary Downtown Association says Roadshow Advertising hasn’t been given any permit for this truck to be on Stephen Avenue, and the CDA is relying on bylaw or police to ticket the truck, which will often move to avoid a ticket. So, the CDA is doing what it can to stop it.

This truck is a recurring sight on Stephen Avenue Mall. This isn’t just a typical parked truck, that has ads, which is normal. It parks on Stephen Avenue (not going past the vehicle barrier), puts itself in idle, and runs rotating ads, apparently for as long as there is a lot of people to see the ads. Presumabley, the driver inside is also running air conditioning as well, since it was so hot, thereby wasting more energy. Running ads, is the sole purpose of the truck (the company itself says so on their web site).

Even if it wasn’t polluting, it’s an eyesore. The company’s web site brags of 50 square feet of "in your face advertising space" on each side.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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