Let the feathers fly

Let the feathers fly

Well, actually there were no feathers at all. Zero mess was made, that I saw. It wasn’t very cold, but it was cold enough to wear a coat, so it showed some committment to the cause to dress in sleepwear on this day.

A friendly public pillow fight was planned for Tomkins Park (17 Avenue and 8 Street SW) in Calgary on Saturday, April 4, 2009 (International Pillow Fight Day). The City found out and warned organizers that they had to get a permit or they would be fined and/or arrested. So, officially it was cancelled, but some people showed up anyhow, and generally kept the "fight" to the side walk. There was a signficant police and bylaw officer presence, but they seemed to sit back, and let a small number of people do a little pillow fighting, without incident.

It so happened, that there was also an anti-war demonstration held at the same place and time.

The pillow fighters were mentioned in "Need for permit kicks stuffing out of pillow fight" (Apr 5/09) in the Calgary Herald: "I came out for some good old-fashioned fun," said Melanie Hughes, 23, who was wearing red skull and crossbones pyjama bottoms.

Photographer: Robert Thivierge

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