Speaking at Kosovo Rally

Speaking at Kosovo Rally

This is one of the photos I took at a pro-Serbian rally against independence for Kosovo, held in downtown Calgary at City Hall on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Unfortunately, the event was marred, when speakers went beyond criticizing leaders/organizations/governments (a basic free speech right) and condemned a whole population (namely Albanians). I think there’s lots of people who opposed the 1999 bombing campaign of NATO, and who also oppose recognizing the unilateral independence declaration of Kosovo; but don’t have any hostility to the Albanians in Kosovo (distinguishing them from their leaders).

Anyways, I get the feeling the organizers won’t have much impact in Calgary. They were very insular and deeply suspicious of anybody they didn’t recognize. If you didn’t belong to the community, or the mainstream media, you weren’t really welcome at the event. I’ve found most other rallies to be much more welcoming. I think this is what’s called "preaching to the choir".

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