Tricia Helfer steps out

Tricia Helfer steps out

The very beautiful Tricia Helfer steps out onto the red carpet during the Calgary International Film Festival. She was definitely the most glamorous of the stars that day, and probably during the festival. Unfortunately, none of my pictures does her justice, but this is my best one. You can also see her on the cover of the Calgary Herald, the morning after.

Tricia was attending the gala showing Walk All Over Me, which she stars in. The film was shown at the Uptown Stage & Screen at 612 8th Avenue SW.

Helfer is a supermodel from Alberta, who became a film and TV star, with lead role in the the "re-imagined" hit Battlestar Galactica, in which she plays the role of "Number Six". In "Walk All Over Me", Tricia plays Celene, a dominatrix.

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